Puppy Clothes are for dogs from all walks and breeds of life. We aim to offer your pup comfort, and elegance for your dogs to wear every day. We don’t make your puppies “Lady Gaga’s” but I would definitely think that your dog feels warm and looks stylishly presented.

Let’s meet.

I’m David. From an early age, I have been drawing clothing sketches and designing for fun. I’ve always felt a huge desire to create astonishing and unique things and after graduating in Art And Design, an idea came to me during a winter when my pup consistently refused to come out on walks. She was too cold and frankly so was I. After countless nights of learning how to use a sewing machine, my rough sketches came to life! (She did not get into these so quickly in the beginning) Eventually, she absolutely adored the clothes and going out became a pleasure for her again.

How did Puppy Clothes start?

Friends started to ask me to create clothes for their dogs and this is when I began producing my *hopefully wonderful and astonishingly stylish clothes* for dogs.

Join us now and buy some fancy clothes for your lovely puppy! 🙂

PS. Product selection will expand as I gather more ideas.